Based on a true story

Hand Crank Films is a video production company producing documentaries, music videos, short films, corporate videos in Bellingham, Seattle and beyond.

Not really a blog

Hand Crank Films has a blog, I guess. Is it honest? Probably. Will we give our perspective about working in Seattle or Bellingham? Probably not. Will we share some video industry insights or helpful filmmakers tips? Sure. But really, we just want to write about our work - whatever that looks like.

Filmmaking Requires Collaboration

Strong partnerships produce the best work. So our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients because history results in compelling and emotive video production.

University of Washington
Seattle Humane
San Diego Humane
Skagit Regional Health
Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers
King County
Healthy Pet
Say Hello ++++

We’re going for the emotions. Joy, sorrow, laughter, love - we want it all. And we want to work with people that understand that language. Partners who will challenge us to be better and push us to grow, so when we share it with the world, we've made something that matters.