King County Loop

Heal the planet

Agency: C. Young Creative

Location: King County, Washington

Runtime: 1:32

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Loop rhymes with Poop.

Because biosolids, which King County branded as Loop, is created out of the wastewater from King County. It a good reminder that our poop has to go somewhere and putting in a landfill is not a sustainable option. The process creates three products: Gas, Recycled Water and Biosolids. The gas powers the wastewater treatment plants, the water is cleaned and sent back out into the world to take stress off the rivers and streams, and the waste is turned into fertilizer and put back into our soil. This is true recycling.

There is an understandable ick factor to biosolids, so we were tasked to make beautiful videos that were both emotional and educational, showing what biosolids can do, how it is made and why it can help heal the planet. So we made beautiful and honest films about Loop Biosolids. We learned a buttload and really enjoyed the whole process.

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