Autel and the Power of Content

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Not many content partners we’ve worked with are more efficient and talented than Autel Robotics. This drone company out of Bellevue, WA understands the importance of content  to engage audiences, and they’ve built a marketing department that is both lean and excellent at what it does. And before you think ‘I don’t have the resources for that’, it’s basically just two very driven guys (Tim Matthews and Greg Mares) with a very solid plan.

To launch their new Autel Live Deck, which quickly pairs any existing EVO drone with an external monitor for viewing, they worked with us to take a new approach and shoot this music video. Many of the shots here are done with the EVO (like the long shot up the stairs) that simply could not have been done using more traditional approaches (dollies, jobs, etc). Very cool all around, and the results generated some nice press around the launch.



The crazy part? We shot this on a Friday, and by the following Friday the Autel team had edited and submitted this to the Telly’s, where it won some major hardware. Overall, a great piece (listen for the sound design on this one).

To complement this release, we also helped them create a ‘Making Of’ video to show the Live Deck in action – and how this is literally a game changer for DP’s and Directors in particular. Once again, the Autel team was thinking strategically about how to create a complementary content universe to drive awareness.



Obviously, this partner has the chops. They get it – and are doing some really nice work to help them rise above the fold. The question for them (and most of us) isn’t IF they are going to create content, but HOW.

What is the WHY that you need to communicate to your tribe?

Major hat tip to Director Tommy Pittenger and DP Diego Castello. Boom!

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