This is Why We Science

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A great commercial is not just something you remember, but something you just have to talk about. Bayer’s This is Why We Science started a conversation at the office. The concept is simple, but impactful. The characters and scenes are common tropes we’ve seen before: kids running through a field, a farmer working early in the morning, a grandpa and granddaughter laughing, a lively older couple. It runs the risk of being boring. But Bayer’s is not.

The video is untethered and organic, as if we are witnessing meaningful moments in people’s lives. It’s cinematic but feels real – like a great film. It’s well shot, directed and edited, all things we love. It’s emotive, playful and earnest, so it’s easy to believe when they say, “This is Why We Science.” It hits the mark because it makes us look deeper than the lighting, acting and editing choices. The video and campaign feel like an answer to a question, which always makes for a great conversation.

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